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Navi Might Be Final GCN GPU from AMD

Category: Video Cards
Posted: 02:03PM

It was back in 2011 when AMD announced its first GPU using the new Graphics Core Next (GCN) macro-architecture, which the company has been using ever since, though with several micro-architecture enhancements and refinements. It was a significant departure from the TeraScale architecture before it and brought with it significant performance improvements, especially for GPGPU applications. According to WCCFtech, the Navi GPUs will be the final GCN-based GPUs, with the "Next-Gen" GPU sporting a new macro-architecture. Officially all we know about this next GPU is what appeared in a slide from AMD's CES Tech Day; that it will be fabricated on a 7 nm+ process.

According to WCCFtech's sources, development for this next architecture began prior to Raja Koduri's departure from the Radeon Technologies Group, but development has been increasing enough to produce more chatter under RTG's new leadership. Everything is speculation currently, but it seems AMD's intent is to make the leap to the new macro architecture as significant a performance jump as it was from TeraScale to GCN, or greater. Navi-based GPUs are expected to launch in 2019, likely early in the year, putting this GCN-successor in 2020 or 2021, assuming everything goes as planned and hoped.

Source: WCCFtech

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Guest comment
Guest_Guest_* on February 07, 2018 17:21
Great article Thank you Yea I am thinking they have got all they can out of GCN since you can plainly see it with the Vega GPU's giving only a small boost in performance over the Fury cards. I am also thinking that in the consumer space at least is to get rid of HBM memory and just use GDDR6 in the consumer grade cards and leave the HBM in for the pro cards only. This should reduce the cost to build the cards and most likely have a lot more access to the GDDR6 memory unlike the huge shortages there is for HBM2 memory at this point in time.

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