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Volumetric Display Made The Builds 3D Images In Air

Category: Science & Technology
Posted: 09:21AM

Science fiction has promised us many things for the future and thankfully we have scientists around the world working to fulfill those promises. Researchers at Brigham Young University are among them as they worked on their 'Princess Leia project' and they have now succeeded in creating a system to project 3D images in open air. These are not holograms though, as those involve scattering light on a 2D surface, but volumetric images as they exist in three dimensions, allowing you to view it from all sides. Other teams of researchers have also been working on producing volumetric imagery, but this is the first to combine the optical trapping and colorful lasers.

The way this display works is to take a particle of cellulose and trap it with a laser. This trapping allows the laser to precisely move it around while another set of lasers illuminate and color it. Thanks to how quickly the particle is being moved around, persistence of vision makes it appear lines are being painted in mid-air, forming a volumetric image. The researchers liken it to a 3D printer for light, with the cellulose particle effectively printing light as it is move around.

Thus far the researchers have displayed volumetric images of a butterfly, a prism, the university's logo, rings wrapped around an arm, and a recreation of Princess Leia by an individual in a lab coat crouching much as Leia does at the beginning of the famous message.



Source: Brigham Young University

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slick2500 on February 02, 2018 03:41
That's pretty cool.

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