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National 5G Network Memo Only Proposal and Lacked Traction

Category: General News
Posted: 10:47AM

Some of you may have seen headlines and news stories recently about a proposal for the US government to build a national 5G network. Something as significant and as radical a department from current policy got a lot of attention, but apparently the proposal itself is dated and was only floated as an idea, not as something imminent.

The proposal came from an official at the National Security Council, which is a White House-based body that advises the president, but other organizations and government bodies would also weigh in on such a plan. These include the Federal Communications Commission, and the chairman, Ajit Pai, has stated he would vehemently oppose a move to nationalize 5G like this. Among the FCC's responsibilities is stewardship of wireless frequencies, auctioning off sections for use, like those 5G will use and current 4G networks use, and keeping other sections of the spectrum unlicensed and open for public use.

Exactly how a 5G network might be deployed though is still being determined as the millimeter waves it will use are attenuated by building materials, such as low-emissivity glass, foliage, the human body, and even rain. The high bandwidth 5G offers can compensate for some of this, but other methods are also being investigated. (An advantage to having a broadcast engineer in the house is hearing about these topics after dinner.)

Source: Recode

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