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Atari Dragster Record Stricken by Twin Galaxies and Other Todd Rogers Records

Category: General News
Posted: 08:26AM

If you look in the Guinness Book of World Records currently, the longest held record in a video game is held by Todd Rogers for a 5.51 second run in Dragster, an Atari game made by Activision. This record goes back almost 35 years but many of challenged its authenticity, including an investigation by Ben Heck, and now Twin Galaxies has decided to strike the record, along with all other records held by Rogers.

Twin Galaxies is the video game racing organization and it was in August 2017 it received a formal dispute of the Dragster record, though challenges to its authenticity are far older with some saying the 5.51 second run is impossible. While the many community challenges to the record did weigh on Twin Galaxies Adjudication, a fairly young part of Twin Galaxies, it was a statement by former senior referee Robert Mruczek that apparently pushed it all over the line to not only remove the Dragster record but all of Rogers' records from the Twin Galaxies database.

Mruczek has been a friend of Rogers for a long time, but as a referee and record holder himself, he questioned some of the records. These include a score of 960,001 points in the game Kaboom! and a 47 second run in the Atari 2600 Superman game. His analysis of Kaboom! indicates that while the 960,001 score is possible on difficulty A in the game, it would involve "five hours of stellar gameplay" followed by very poor gameplay. He asked Rogers to produce evidence of the score, but none was ever provided. In Superman Mruczek determined a time of 45 seconds would be the absolute best possible, so a 47 second run is within the realm of reality, but with cheating he only achieved a run of 58 seconds, but with a shortcut could cut off nearly 10 seconds. That combines to mean a 47-49 second run is possible with cheating, but Rogers' claim is 47 seconds without cheating.

With these records now striped from the database many others move up, including all those with 5.57 second runs in Dragster, as that is now the first-place record. Guinness World Records has also been contacted to redact the 5.51 second record and other Rogers records will likely be removed in time as well.

Source: Twin Galaxies

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