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Galactic Civilizations III: Intrigue Expansion Announced, Coming This Spring

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Posted: 02:09PM

It was back in 2015 when Stardock released Galactic Civilizations III, a game it has continued to support with significant updates, upgrades, and last year the release of Crusade, its first expansion. This season, the game will be getting its second expansion, Intrigue that will build on the success of its predecessor by adding politics, government, and galactic trade. You can stay informed on in-game events via the Galactic News Network (GNN).

With the introduction of politics and government, players will be able to form cabinets from citizens and choose to rule their civilization through theocracy, democracy, oligarchy, monarchy, and more, assuming the characteristics and technologies of their civilization supports it. Some of these forms of government require elections, so keeping your populace happy will be necessary to receive all of the benefits from the form.

As your civilization expands, the outer colonies may wish to separate and become independent. When this happens, you can choose to grant them commonwealth status, turning them into a friendly ally inclined to follow your requests, and the AI will manage them with little oversight.

Along with the changes to governance, a Galactic Market will come to the game with Intrigue. Instead of having to work to make deals directly with other civilizations, the market will allow the player to purchase resources with prices only determined by supply and demand.

Galactic Civilizations III: Intrigue is currently planned to launch sometime Spring 2018 and it will cost $19.99. The special pre-order price is $14.99 however.



Source: Stardock

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