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Straight Power 11 PSU Series Announced by be quiet!

Category: Power Supplies
Posted: 11:36AM

For some, a silent computer is an absolute must, but with all of the fans needed for keeping things cool, it can be difficult to achieve. This includes the fan within the power supply, but be quiet! Has announced its newest line of PSUs that have a number of features to live up to the company's name.

The Straight Power 11 series of power supplies span from 450 W to 1000 W that have a redesigned PCB, wire-free design on the DC side, high quality components, and are fully modular. The redesigned PCB is what allows the power supplies to be wire-free, as all of the connections on the DC side are directly through it instead of any wires. This helps the Silent Wings 3 135 mm fan keep things cool by having less in its way and improves signal quality by removing the magnetic interference of powered cables. That Silent Wings 3 fan uses a funnel-shaped vent to improve airflow and reduces turbulence, and with its six-pole motor and fluid-dynamic bearings it can stay quiet and has the lowest startup rotational speed in the market, at just 200 RPM. High quality capacitors are also used to prevent electronic noise emission and the noise from extreme load changes.

All of the Straight Power 11 power supplies have an efficiency of 93% at 230 volts, earning them 80 PLUS Gold certification, and they comply with ErP by having a standby power draw of under 0.12 W. Pricing starts at $109.90 for the 450 W PSU with the 850 W unit costing $179.90. There are also 550 W, 650 W, and 750 W versions whose prices fall between those two. If you need more than 850 W though, the 1000 W version has an MSRP of $214.90. All of these are backed by a 5-year warranty.

Source: Press Release

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