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Circuit City Returning February 15

Category: General News
Posted: 04:10PM

Do you remember Circuit City? It used to be the top big-box tech chain, but fell from that height. There was an attempt to bring it back as an online-only sister site to Systemax's TigerDirect, but that failed too. At CES 2018 though, Ronny Shmoel, the Circuit City CEO who bought the band back from Systemax in 2015, announced Circuit City is being resurrected again.

The new Circuit City will begin as an experiential website, followed by kiosks, store-in-stores, and finally showrooms. Supporting the site will be the commerce platform of the IBM Watson AI. Watson will learn customers' interests and then behave as a shopping assistant, attempting to put experience over product as you search for what you need and want.

Source: Twice

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Dynamic on January 13, 2018 21:39

So we got two places that have been resurrected once again. Circuit City and Frozen CPU.

Minime 939 on January 14, 2018 14:05

I hope they can make a go of it.  All we have in town now is a Best Buy.  I always enjoyed wandering through their store.

wevsspot on January 17, 2018 21:13

Competition is always good for us!


This is the first I've heard about Frozen CPU being resurrected.  That's awesome!

slick2500 on January 18, 2018 01:48
I never knew Frozencpu went anywhere.

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