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AMD Reveals and Announces New Products Before CES 2018: GPUs

Category: Video Cards
Posted: 01:14PM

Now that the CPU and APU news from AMD has been covered, we can move on to the GPU news, which includes two product announcements.

The Vega GPU architecture is already in discrete packages for consumer desktops in the form of the RX Vega 56 and Vega 64 graphics cards, but announced at CES 2018 is Radeon Vega Mobile. The Vega Mobile discrete GPU is just 1.7 mm high and will use HBM2 with its targets being ultrathin performance gaming and ultrathin workstations. Unfortunately I have not seen any detailed information to determine how this mobile dGPU compares to the Intel semi-custom chip, though one slide describes the semi-custom as "new ultrathin form factory gaming" while the Vega Mobile is "high frame rate AA gaming in compact form factors."

Also announced was AMD's first 7 nm product, which will be a Vega-based GPU built for machine learning. I did not spot any mention of a 7 nm Vega consumer product, but the architecture roadmap does show Navi, the company's next GPU architecture, will be on 7 nm as well, so perhaps that will be the next consumer product. After Navi a "Next-Gen" architecture is shown and will use a 7 nm+ process. Sampling of the 7 nm Vega Radeon Instinct product will begin sometimes this year.

Also shown were slides focusing on the software powering Radeon products for machine learning tasks. These show off what the Radeon GPUs support, the ease of supporting them, and compare AMD's open source ROCm solutions to NVIDIA's proprietary CUDA solutions.

Source: AMD and Slide Decks

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