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AMD Ryzen 2 Updates and Hoax Exposed

Category: CPU's
Posted: 10:03AM

As the end of the year comes, the expectations for what next year will bring are only growing, including for AMD's second generation Ryzen processors. While a fake product slide recently made its way around, another image has been found and it seems a bit more reliable. The image originally came from moepc.net and appears to be a picture from a conference or press event, with AMD showing its full Ryzen roll out to Q2 2018. One of the products it shows is second generation Ryzen, and its position seems to suggest it may launch in Q1. This would align with other rumors and leaks giving a February or March launch. More premium mobile processors are also shown, including Ryzen 3 Mobile APU, Ryzen 5 and 7 marked for gaming, and Ryzen Mobile APU Pro.

The fake slide I mentioned before looked official but the specs made it somewhat suspicious. According the slide, the next round of consumer Ryzen processors would sport up to 12 cores and base clock speeds from 4.0 GHz to 4.6 GHz, boosting to as much as 5.1 GHz. The highest of these, the 2800X, was supposed to cost just $449. Wccftech reached out to its contacts about the slide, studied it closely, and tried to find an original source for it and all of these efforts pointed to it being fake.

More realistically, second generation Ryzen is expected to have some amount of IPC uplift, but what performance boost it offers is more likely to come from moving to a more refined and optimized 12 nm process node. The current 14 nm node used to create current Ryzen products was originally designed for more energy efficient and slower processors, which contributes to why most seem to top out at 4 GHz. The new node could allow for higher clock speeds, but until we see actual products, or product slides, it is impossible to know.

Source: Wccftech [1] and [2]

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Guest comment
Guest_Guest_* on December 11, 2017 17:15
Thanks for bringing this up I hope more places decided to write about these fake slides so people will be more informed and the hype train does not go off of the rails yet again. You are right Ryzen 1.5 will be a node shrink maybe a slight IPC gain but would not count on it to much. It will probably have internal tweaks done to the chip to fix latency issues a bit that's the hope anyway. It most likely or more than likely will have a speed bump up to 4.3-4.4GHz with boost speed. Overclocking wise we may see 4.4GHz-4.5GHz some might get to get 4.6GHz for cherry chips. This 5.1GHz would be to much of a jump for just slight changes to the chip and a small node shrink. AMD themselves I think said their 5GHz node will be 7nm. We may even see a small amount of chips get to 4.7GHz but will run rather warm. These are just my best guesses we may be in for a surprise and these things will OC like champs but given Ryzens first entry into the market and how they respond to overclocking I would not count on huge gains.
booprince on December 27, 2017 16:40
is there a link to the picture or the picture itself ?

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