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Epic Games Settles One Lawsuit and Partially Addresses Suing of Minor

Category: Gaming
Posted: 11:54AM

Recently there were a number of headlines covering the news that Epic Games has been suing some Fortnite cheaters and among them was a 14 year old, whose mother decided to write a letter to the court about this lawsuit. There are now updates on that specific lawsuit and another, as reported by TorrentFreak. This other lawsuit, against Charles 'Joreallean' Vraspir, has reached a settlement. This requires Joreallean to never infringe on Epic's copyrights again, which means he cannot create or write a cheat, use a cheat, promote or advertise a cheat, or distribute a cheat again, or face a minimum fine of $5000.

In regards to the minor Epic Games filed a lawsuit against, the company has now replied to the letter the minor's mother sent the court, addressing a specific portion, which was the naming of the minor. Epic states it was not aware of the age of the defendant in this lawsuit, and the rules protecting a minor's name do require such knowledge for one to violate it. Going forward it will only include the defendant's initials when the name cannot be redacted, in accordance with the rules. Though it is not making the argument, the company did point out that the letter from the mother identified her son by his full name, so an argument could be made she has waived this protection for her son. Still, Epic will keep to just the initials when necessary.

As far as the already filed documents that include the defendant's full name, Epic has requested guidance from the court for if it should file for the papers to be sealed, if new versions should be re-filed with the name redacted, or if any other remedial action should be taken. Epic also stated it does not plan to file a substantive response to the mother's letter at this time, unless the court requests it to.

Source: TorrentFreak

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