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AMD Working on GDDR6 Memory Controller

Category: Manufacturers
Posted: 10:04AM

This might not be surprising to anyone, but it is still nice to see it confirmed that AMD is working on a GDDR6 memory controller for future GPUs. Initially this leak came from an image of a LinkedIn page for an AMD technical engineer listing the work in his portfolio, but finding the LinkedIn profile has proven difficult, at least for Wccftech. Instead of stopping there, Wccftech reached out to its sources and was able to confirm AMD is working on the necessary controller for bringing the next generation memory to future GPUs.

Currently AMD uses HBM2 in its Vega GPUs, and it is very likely HBM will continue to be the company's preferred memory for its high-end GPUs in the future. This will leave GDDR6 for the mid-range and lower GPUs, which go into less expensive graphics cards. Since the launch of the Fiji-based Fury cards, it has appeared the use of HBM 1 and 2 increases the cost of the parts, as it not only requires HBM but special packaging onto an interposer with the GPU itself. While prices will likely be high at first, like any technology when it is new, GDDR6 may come to be a better fit for less expensive graphics cards, while still offering much higher bandwidth at lower voltages than GDDR5. It was just a couple weeks ago Samsung revealed it has GDDR6 memory capable of 16 Gbps with 64 GB/s I/O bandwidth, while using just 1.35 V.

Source: Wccftech

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