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Anonymous Cellular Network, Sopranica, Being Developed

Category: General News
Posted: 09:39AM

For many people a substantial part of their lives runs through their smartphones, and as amazing of tools they are for the user, some dislike their potential for tracking us. To combat that, a programmer in New York City, Denver Gingerich, decided to work on an open source, DIY cell network that offers anonymity. This network is called Sopranica and it was in January when Gingerich published the first code called JMP. This is what allows the network to use XMPP, a secure instant messaging protocol better known as Jabber so users can enjoy voice and text from an anonymous phone number. All of the data is also encrypted, so it is not possible for someone to listen in, but currently it also means an Internet connection is required. The next phase of Sopranica, called WOM, is meant to tackle this requirement by allowing people to attach a small and inexpensive radio to their routers, providing Sopranica access in the area. None of the process involved with setting up Sopranica requires any identifying information, so if someone tried to find you from your JMP phone number or the Jabber ID you are using, the search will stop there.

After the writer at Vice set up his own phone to use Sopranica, he used it to call Denver Gingerich and got an interview you can read at the source. If you are interested in Sopranica and its future, hit the link and read some more about its future and the challenges it is facing.

Source: Vice

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