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Civilization VI: Rise and Fall Expansion Announced with February 8 Release

Category: Gaming
Posted: 09:45AM

Today 2K and Firaxis Games have announced an expansion pack for Civilization VI titled Rise and Fall. This expansion brings a lot with it, including nine new leaders, eight new civilizations, new units, buildings, improvements, districts, and wonders. Also a Great Ages system has been added, so as your civilization encounters Historic Moments they can enter a Golden Age or a Dark Age, with both providing certain challenges and bonuses, depending on your actions. If you escape from a Dark Age is especially successful, you will enter a Heroic Age, a stronger version of a Golden Age.

Another new system is city loyalty, making is possible for your cities to become dissatisfied with your leadership, revolting against you to join another civ or go it on their own. Of course you can also work to grow loyalty to your civilization in another's cities as well, turn their loss to your gain. Governors can also be recruited and developed to enhance cities and reinforce Loyalty. A new Emergency concept also exists in it, for responding to civilizations when they grow too powerful. Other civilizations can join together against this powerful world player, and rewards or penalties will be granted when the Emergency ends. For those of you that want to take a look back at your civilization's history during the game, a Timeline feature has also been added to enable exactly that.

Sid Meier's Civilization VI: Rise and Fall is scheduled to launch February 8, 2018.



Source: Civilization Website

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