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Win a $11.38 Voucher From NVIDIA for Star Wars TITAN Xp

Category: Video Cards
Posted: 08:47AM

Earlier this month NVIDIA revealed its Star Wars themed GTX TITAN Xp and set its price at $1200, the same as the normal TITAN Xp. If that is a bit more than you are able or willing to spend on a graphics card currently, then you might want to try for one of the $11.38 vouchers for the GPU. Yes, NVIDIA is giving away vouchers to purchase one of these GPUs for less than twelve dollars. To get a voucher you need to share on the NVIDIA GeForce Twitter or Facebook a moment in any Star Wars media (films, games, comics, or books) where 1138 is used, and tag the post with #StarWarsGPU1138. If NVIDIA likes the post, you may get a private message today or Monday with the voucher code that you can then apply in the NVIDIA Store before December 2 to order the GPU.

These vouchers are only eligible in the countries the Star Wars TITAN Xp Collector's Edition is currently available in: United States; United Kingdom; France; and Germany.

In keeping with the 1138 spirit though, NVIDIA has also dropped the price of the Star Wars GPUs to $1138, and this price drop is permanent. (This does mean the collector's edition graphics cards are now cheaper than the original TITAN Xp in NVIDIA's store.)

Source: NVIDIA

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Guest comment
Guest_Guest_* on November 28, 2017 18:52
When I seen $11.38 I was like wow Nvidia a whole 11 bucks yay. Then reading the full post & seen they also they lowered the price to $1133 I was like OH WOW NVIDIA YAY way to go.
Guest comment
Guest_Guest_* on November 28, 2017 18:53
Sorry I got the price wrong it was supposed to say $1138 not $1133.

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