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GPU Shipment Data for Q3 2017 In with AMD up 8% and NVIDIA up 30% from Q2

Category: Video Cards
Posted: 01:10PM

The data on GPU shipments for Q3 2017 is out now from Jon Peddie Research, with overall shipments increasing 9.3% from last quarter. This is a good sign as GPUs are "traditionally a leading indicator of the market" since every computer needs them. Looking deeper into the data, Jon Peddie Research found AMD's unit shipments increased 7.63% from the previous quarter, Intel increased by 5.01%, and NVIDIA far surpassed both with a 29.53% increase in shipments. The gain in shipments is being attributed to gaming and cryptocurrency.

The market share numbers are a bit different from the shipment numbers, with AMD losing 0.2% from the previous quarter, Intel losing 2.8%, and NVIDIA picking up 3.0%. Comparing market share against last year's data, AMD saw no change, Intel lost 3.2%, and NVIDIA picked up 3.3%. For both sets of data, NVIDIA is almost exclusively pulling share away from Intel, and as Intel is not making discrete GPUs currently, though that may change, it looks like more people are upgrading from Intel integrated graphics to NVIDIA discrete.

The source includes a fair bit more data than this, including desktop-discrete and notebook-discrete GPU shipment changes. If you find such numbers interesting, click the link and take a look.

Source: Jon Peddie Research

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