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Improved Ryzen CPUs Might Launch in February 2018

Category: CPU's
Posted: 08:10AM

This would very much be classified as a rumor currently, but it is still an interesting one. According to Digitimes, citing motherboard manufacturers as its sources, we may see improved versions of the Ryzen CPUs from AMD launch in February. These new processors would be built on GlobalFoundries' 12 nm process, which would offer some improvements over the current 14 nm process. The codenames for these processors are Pinnacle 7, Pinnacle 5, and Pinnacle 3, following the same pattern as Ryzen 7, 5, and 3 for targeted markets.

Following shortly these CPUs would be the release of the 400 series chipset, with X470-based and B450-based motherboards coming in March. AMD has previously stated it will be sticking with the AM4 socket for multiple CPU generations, so if these rumors are true, current motherboards would be able to accept these new CPUs and the new motherboards would be able to take the current CPUs.

Of course, rumors are just rumors.

Source: Digitimes

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cjloki on September 27, 2017 19:29

yes, i saw something along these lines last week while searching out some future stock investment ideas, but what i saw didn't have much in the way of hardware changes or time frames...but the wave of the future for sure...   



Braegnok on September 27, 2017 22:32

Let's hope for better IPC & clock speeds.  :yes: 

Guest_Jim_* on September 28, 2017 15:23

Let's hope for better IPC & clock speeds.  :yes:

Hard to say on IPC (some improvement makes sense, but how much?), but I think higher clocks are reasonable, thanks to the move to the other, likely more refined node.

Of course, all rumor.

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