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Bugged Gigabyte BIOS Overvolting Ryzen CPUs

Category: Motherboards
Posted: 06:21AM

If you are running a Gigabyte motherboard for an AMD Ryzen-based build, you may want to avoid the latest BIOS update. User reports have been coming in to different forums that the BIOS is significantly overvolting the CPU. Apparently the voltage is jumping to 1.55 V, instead of the default 1.2 V. One user, the one who posted at the TechPowerup forums says it appears to be an issue with the voltage offsetting being added to base voltage, and that sum being considered the base voltage. Manually setting the voltage of using LLC to compensate appears to address the issue though.

Not all users are reporting this issue though, and some are saying the BIOS is working fine for them. Still, it seems a reasonable to hold off on updating the BIOS until this is resolved, and flash back to an older version if you are concerned and have already updated.

Source: Gigabyte Forums and TechPowerUp Forums

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