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Unigine Announces New GPU Benchmark

Category: Software
Posted: 03:42PM

Unigine has announced the Superposition benchmark, "a non-synthetic, accurate, and unbiased stress-test for the latest GPUs already on the market and for those that are still in the earliest design stages." The benchmark is based on SSRTGI technology, which was designed for use with the UNIGINE 2 engine, a ray tracing algorithm that makes "real-time light and shadow look as realistic as possible." Superposition provides a test suite that is comparable to workloads you would see in the latest games, making the performance more relevant than "synthetic" benchmarks. The benchmark is also compatible with multiple VR devices including the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive with modes for resolutions up to 8K.

Source: Press Release

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WarWeeny on April 12, 2017 12:57
Damn, ray tracing is finally going to be a thing for benchmarks, it should be interesting to see where this is going. Hopefully we are not too far off when games are using the technology, this could improve image quality and fidelity by quite a margin.
Waco on April 13, 2017 08:08
It a pseudo-ray tracing algorithm for parts of lighting only, nothing close to an actual ray tracing renderer.

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