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Windows 10 Creators Update Releasing April 11

Category: Operating Systems
Posted: 02:16PM

In just shy of two weeks, on April 11, Microsoft will begin rolling out the Windows 10 Creators Update, a major update for Windows 10 that brings with it several improvements and new features. Among these is a Game Mode that is supposed to prioritize a game, granting it access to more system resources automatically. Also targeting gamers is the ability to use the Game Bar to start streaming to Beam without needing any additional log-ins. Beam is an ultra low-latency streaming service Microsoft acquired that is meant to enable streamers and viewers to interact in real-time.

Microsoft Edge is also getting updated with advanced tab management, allowing you to find, organize, and open tabs without leaving your current page. The browser will also be able to open eBooks from the Windows Store across all of your Windows 10 devices, and it will support 4K UHD Netflix streams of movies and TV shows. Screen time limits can be unified across the Xbox One and PC, so if you set up a time limit for a child they will be signed out from either device when time is up. The new Windows Defender Security Center is a single dashboard for controlling your different security options, viewing device health, and managing family safety options. You will be able to control your anti-virus, network and firewall protection, and set the security controls for your applications and browser from this one view. A new privacy dashboard will also let you see and manage your activity data across Microsoft services.

The Creators Update includes several other new features and updates, and they will all start rolling out on April 11.

Source: Windows Blog

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wevsspot on April 03, 2017 20:04

Jim, I sent you a PM fessing up to my ignorance.  I wanted to quote just a piece of your post in my reply, but ended up editing your entire post.  Please forgive my stupidity and re-post to correct.  Thank you.


Again, I'm so sorry.

Guest_Jim_* on April 03, 2017 20:15

No problem and don't worry about it. Easy enough to fix and it isn't like you broke the front page news item.

Braegnok on April 10, 2017 12:02

I have an older photo editing PC running Windows 10, that was updated from Windows 7. 


And I want to upgrade to 8TB drives using GUID partition table (GPT) partition,.. I'm running the basic (MBR) Master Boot Record partition now with 2TB drives.


I'v read the new Creator's Update release has a tool to Convert any attached MBR-formated disk to GPT, including the system disk.


any thoughts about issues converting to newer standard,.. before I give it a go on Tuesday April 11. Thanks  


Edit : Done deal,.. everything worked out fine,.. Windows 10 convert MBR to GPT tool.  https://technet.microsoft.com/itpro/windows/deploy/mbr-to-gpt

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