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AMD Ryzen Overclocking Utility Pictured

Category: CPU's
Posted: 02:04PM

Yesterday AMD launched the new Ryzen R7 CPUs and since then the pre-orders have already placed all three R7 processors on Amazon's Best Sellers list for CPUs. Naturally more information than was officially shown off is coming out now, including a look at the AMD Ryzen Master overclocking utility from The Tech Chap.

First up, it appears each core can have its clock speed set individually, so if you want to dig in and optimize speeds on that level, it looks like you can. Curiously it appears the minimum speed the user can set is 3 GHz, apparently leaving lower speeds for when the CPU throttles down. The maximum speed is 6.375 GHz, which will probably take some extreme cooling. The user can also disable cores, with the image showing options of 0 (all cores being used), 2, 4, and 6. Just beneath that part of the UI we see the Voltage Control area where CPU Voltage, MEMO VDDIO, MEM VTT, and VDDCR SOC can all be set. Beneath that is where you can control the Memory settings, including the clock speed and the timings. Along the bottom of this page we see we can save profiles, with four already there and one marked 'C.'

My guess is that there is an entire other page of options to explore, as above where the cores are listed it says "Speed" and "Temperature." This is only my guessing, but I would expect that this is the Speed page and if you clocked on "Temperature" you would get another page with settings related to that. We will have to wait for embargoes to lift or the software to ship to know for sure though. In any case, I am sure many of us are interested in diving into these settings to see how far these new CPUs can be pushed.

Source: WCCFtech

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Waco on February 24, 2017 03:20
Is it fair to call it a "launched" product? Announced, sure, but the launch date is March 2nd.
ccokeman on February 24, 2017 05:20

Paper launch today, Hard launch with availability in store on March 2.  The high end OEMs will most likely build their own interface for this tool or just build their own application.  

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