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Unified Update Platform Revealed for Windows 10 Devices

Category: Operating Systems
Posted: 04:44PM

Whether you love them, hate them, or are ambivalent to them, chances are you have had to deal with Windows updates before. Like any part of a piece of software, Microsoft has been receiving feedback about how Windows updates and are preparing a rather significant response to this. It is called the Unified Update Platform (UUP) and will bring several improvements some of you are probably going to appreciate.

Going on a brief tangent, I suspect many of you have hated how large some game updates can be, despite the changes not apparently needing so much stuff. In some cases this is because a patch cannot be compiled with only the changes as other assets also have to be included, even if they do not differ from what you already have. With the current system, this has also been true with Windows updates, but under the UUP users will be able to receive differential downloads with just the changes, instead of a full build. The estimate is that users could see download sizes decrease by about 35%, between major updates. This features is targeted for after the Windows 10 Creators Update, so it will be some time before we receive the benefits.

With UUP the means of checking for updates is also being tweaked to make it more efficient for the end user. For PC users this might not be too important, but for those running the Mobile OS, the reduction in data sent and local processing should help your battery life. This is thanks to having the service take on more of the responsibility. Also, the requirement to use two hops to complete an update is being addressed, allowing UUP to use a "canonical" build that only takes one installation.

While the roll out for UUP is going to take time, it has already started for mobile devices. Insiders on PC should see it later this year though, but the Windows Update behavior should not change for us. The improvements and optimizations the Unified Update Platform brings with it exist in the background so the end user should not notice anything on the surface.

Source: Windows Blog

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