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AMD Announces Several New Professional Cards at SIGGRAPH

Category: Manufacturers
Posted: 02:14PM

At SIGGRAPH yesterday, AMD showed off a number of new professional-level products as part of its Capsaicin presentation, all featuring a special blue color, instead of the customary AMD red, including the new Radeon Pro WX series based on the Polaris architecture. Like the Polaris-based RX 480, these new cards are meant to bring high-level performance at low cost and creating "the art of the impossible." The largest of the three cards, the Radeon Pro WX 7100 GPU will cost under $1000 and is meant for design engineering as well as media and entertainment workflows. It will use 32 compute units for 5+ TFLOPS and has 8 GB of VRAM on a 256-bit interface. The WX 5100 GPU is targeting product development and can leverage the power of game-engines in design visualization. This GPU has the same memory as the WX 7100 but only has 28 compute units and 4+ TFLOPS of compute power. The WX 4100 GPU is a half-height card for small form factor workstations, and is actually so small Raja Koduri pulled it from his pocket on stage (21:05 in the video below). Naturally with the smaller size comes lower specs at just 16 compute units, 2+ TFLOPS, and 4 GB of memory on a 128-bit interface. All of these GPUs though are able to drive up to four displays at 5K 30 Hz and are expected to be available in Q4 of 2016.

These were not the only GPUs shown off as a prototype Radeon Pro card was not only held up and powered an impressive demo. This prototype is meant to address the latency issues all GPUs have when trying to work with large files that cannot be held in their local memory. Its solution is having 1 TB of flash memory connected directly to the GPU using the PCIe M.2 standard, giving it the name Radeon Solid State Graphics (SSG). The demo of this showed an 8K video being played back on a conventional workstation at just 17 FPS, and at over 90 FPS with the Radeon Pro SSG. (Skip at 59:45 to see this portion of the stream.) Believe it or not but this prototype is also going to be available for sale as a developer kit, which will cost $9999, with full availability targeting 2017.

Of course these GPUs are not meant for we normal consumers, but for the professionals and those wishing to become the professionals that create the content we so eagerly consume. AMD also showed off several software solutions, including Radeon ProRender, which will soon be open source in September, and Project Loom, which can stitch together up to 24 cameras to create a 360 video in real time.

Full Capsaicin SIGGRAPH stream, with all of the demoes and announcements:



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