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Corsair Launches Fans With Magnetic Levitation Bearing

Category: Manufacturers
Posted: 10:58AM

Corsair has today launched its new ML Series of cooling fans that stand out from other fans by featuring a magnetic levitation bearing and custom rotor design. When powered, the bearing suspends the fan blades from the motor housing, significantly reducing friction. This, along with the customizable rubberized damping corners on some versions, allows the fans to produce very little noise even at high RPMs. The fans have a wide PWM control range, from 400 RPM to 2000 RPM for the 140 mm versions and 2400 RPM for the 120 mm versions. The noise level spans 16 dBA to 37 dBA at those RPM extremes, for both sizes.

In total, there are ten options in the ML Series; five 120 mm fans and a similar five 140 mm fans. First are the ML120 and ML140, which come in a two pack and lack the rubber corners. These packs are $34.99 and $39.99 for the 120 mm and 140 mm versions, respectively. The PRO versions features the rubberized, replaceable, color coordinated corners, but only come in single packs. These cost $24.99 and $28.99. Finally there are the PRO LED White, Red, and Blue versions, which also have LEDs mounted on the center rotor to light up the fan. These cost $27.99 and $30.99 for the 120 mm and 140 mm versions respectively. All of the fans are backed by a five year warranty and are available immediately.

Source: Press Release and Corsair

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That_Guy on July 13, 2016 11:17
Well now, how about slapping those on a GPU? Since GPU fans are usually the noisiest...
That_Guy on July 13, 2016 11:17
Just imagine running the fans at 100% with zero noise... Ooh, the potential.
potatochobit on July 23, 2016 00:48
37dba seems kind of loud
Locutus on July 23, 2016 09:01

37dba seems kind of loud

And only moving 76 CFM at that.


These are definitely niche, maybe even just a gimmick.

Guest_Jim_* on July 23, 2016 13:53

Well, looking at the specs of other Corsair fans, we also have 63.47 CFM at 30dBA on a high airflow fan and 62.74 CFM at 35 dBA on a high static pressure fan, while these 75 CFM at 37 dBA fans are listed for both high airflow and high static pressure. The 140 mm version of these fans reaches 97 CFM at the same 37 dBA, but I can't find the specs for other Corsair 140 mm fans.

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