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Stress Tests Added to 3DMark

Category: Software
Posted: 07:50AM

After setting a new overclock for a computer, it is important to make sure it is stable under load, because if you push a system too far, it will crash and possibly overheat. To help check a system's stability, Futuremark has added new stress tests to the popular 3DMark benchmark suite.

There are four levels of stress testing to choose from, based on the Sky Diver, Fire Strike, Fire Strike Extreme, and Fire Strike Ultra benchmarks. Each level works by looping the benchmark 20 times without any breaks or loading screens, which takes about 10 minutes. These different levels allow one to test computers from mid-range builds and gaming laptops, to powerful 4K rigs. To pass the test, all of the loops must complete, and have a Frame Rate Stability score must be at least 97%. This score is based on the maximum and minimum framerates recorded during the tests, and represents how consistent the performance of your system is under load. If your framerate were to suddenly drop during the test, this could suggest your GPU overheated and throttled down, indicating a need for better cooling.

The 3DMark Stress Tests are only available in the Advanced and Professional editions of the benchmarking suite. While the Advanced Edition only runs 20 test loops, the Professional Edition can be set to run 2 to 5000 loops.

Source: Futuremark

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