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Firefox Overtakes Internet Explorer and Edge Browsers in Worldwide Desktop Browser Usage

Category: Software
Posted: 07:04AM

According to the latest data from StatCounter, a web analytics company, Firefox featured more usage than Internet Explorer and the new Microsoft Edge browser when looking at desktop browser usage on a global scale. In the month of April, Firefox boasted 15.6 percent global usage, while Internet Explorer and Edge featured just 15.5 percent. This represents the first time ever on a worldwide level that Firefox has had more overall usage than its Microsoft rivals, though it is worth noting that StatCounter analyzes browser usage from a total three million websites. Although recent reports have noted that Firefox is losing market share utilization, which is certainly the case from looking at the StatCounter data, it seems that Internet Explorer and Edge are following the same path except at a faster rate.

Despite the small lead that Firefox is now enjoying over Internet Explorer and Edge, Chrome continues to dominate in worldwide desktop browser usage with 60.5 percent in April alone, which is up 1.5 percent from February of this year.

Source: Ars Technica UK

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AkakmanH on May 18, 2016 14:11

I have used Firefox forever. I tried Chrome and did not like it because it did not have the same features as Firefox. And, Firefox has done a lot to clean up it's "slow response/hang" issues. Never did like IE and as for Edge - intrusive software scares me. I turned it off in Win 10. Too many suspicions. No, I'm not paranoid - just careful.

wevsspot on May 23, 2016 18:03

IMHO Edge has been a dumpster fire from the get go.  Even after Windows 10 build 1511 I can't get that browser to reliably play any internet video content reliably.  IE11 isn't bad, I use Firefox at work, but my go to for personal use is Chrome and has been for a long while now.

Bosco on May 24, 2016 04:18

Edge is a piece of garbage

IVIYTH0S on May 25, 2016 02:43

I still use FF on the main rig but I noticed that Chrome runs things smoother on my HTPC than FF. I may try reinstalling FF but because of this most of my streaming takes place in Chrome on that PC...which is its primary use!!

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