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ASUS Motherboards Partially Bricked Thanks to Windows 7 Update

Category: Motherboards
Posted: 10:32AM

Users of computers that utilize an ASUS motherboard may have recently noticed that their machines provided them with a "Secure Boot Violation" after a round of updates were installed on Windows 7. This error is directly caused from an update labeled KB3133977 that Microsoft changed from "Optional" to "Recommended," which ensures that the update is installed automatically by default. The update bricks Windows 7 machines running ASUS motherboards in UEFI mode, since Windows 7 does not inherently support the additional layer of security that Secure Boot provides. When the update is installed, the motherboard ends up sensing a violation of Secure Boot and will not boot from the device that contains Windows 7. 

Those affected by the issue are being advised by ASUS to deactivate Secure Boot while still being able to boot in UEFI mode.

Source: TechPowerUp

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Fight Game on May 05, 2016 19:03

wow.  I would be a little unhappy!

Guest comment
Guest_Guest_* on May 06, 2016 07:49
Seriously, who in the right frame of mind still persist with updating W7? Considering that almost any fix post infamous GWX debacle could be potential disaster. Tru$t M$. You won't be disappointed...
Bosco on May 10, 2016 00:19

I personally have dealt with 36 computers affected by this. Granted its a fast fix to correct still a pain in the ass to deal with

Black64 on May 10, 2016 01:03

Lol, I've never updated my windows 7... (and now, never will)

ccokeman on May 10, 2016 02:41

Not sure why it is not impacting other boards using a UEFI BIOS. Maybe the numbers are much smaller.

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