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Windows 10 Gaining On Windows 7 According to Steam

Category: Operating Systems
Posted: 03:54PM

The January edition of the Steam hardware survey shows that Windows 10 continues to gain on Windows 7 as the operating system of choice for gamers using the platform. When combining the 32 and 64-bit versions of the OS, Windows 10 accounts for 34% of Steam users, up 1.6% from the previous month, compared to just over 42% for Windows 7. The gain in Windows 10 share came largely at the expense of Windows 8.1 users which saw a 1.06% drop while Windows 7 dropped just 0.5%. Steam has about 125 million users which makes this study a significant sample size, but at the same time results could be skewed as gamers tend to have different usage patterns and needs when compared to average PC users.

Source: PC World

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Guest comment
Guest_Guest_* on February 03, 2016 12:04
Nothing surprising here. Gamers are not real users. Nobody in the right frame of mind who use desktop for serious work will ever consider Winblow$ 10.
AkakmanH on February 03, 2016 16:49

As it looks a lot like Win 7, I don't see all the hoopla about Win 10.

For gamers there S/B no difference.

MS will eventually stop supporting Win 7 and 8 but that is in the future.

I have heard both good and bad stories about Win 10 upgrades.

What I have deduced is that the older your computer is,

   the harder it will be to upgrade as needed drivers may not be available.

I am going to upgrade but want to buy another SSD so as not to trash my current system.

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