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Fallout 4 Receives Two New NVIDIA GameWorks Technologies in Latest Update

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Posted: 03:09PM

Anyone playing Fallout 4 on PC and subscribed to the beta updates through Steam no doubt noticed the latest update, 1.3, downloaded today. Looking over the update notes, there are a good number of fixes, especially for some bugs or just annoyances (like Preston). Two things stand out at the top as new additions, HBAO+ and "new weapon debris effects (NVIDIA cards only)." The update doesn't go into details about that, but luckily NVIDIA is filling the gaps. These two features are some NVIDIA GameWorks technologies, with the weapon debris effects courtesy of NVIDIA FleX. FleX is a particle-based simulation technique used for real-time visual effects, such as the debris strewn throughout the Commonwealth of Fallout 4. It allows for different simulated substances to interact with each other seamlessly, bringing you an even more immersive world. So if you shoot some walls, you'll be able to see pieces fly away now, more than likely. FleX relies on CUDA, so only NVIDIA cards and PC users can take advantage of it now.

HBAO+ is a more realistic Ambient Occlusion effect that adds lifelike shadows around objects and surfaces. It's a more visually pleasing AO effect and works on both NVIDIA and AMD GPUs. So all PC users can take advantage of HBAO+, while just NVIDIA users get FleX.

Other highlights from the Fallout 4 1.3 beta patch include the ability to see an icon for your settlers, so now you know for sure which ones are farmers, merchants, guards, or the like. Various workshop improvements to make building and maintaining settlements easier, assorted quest fixes, a modification to the Minutemen's radiant quests, and more. Check out the full patch notes at the source below, and do remember this is a beta update, so backup your saves before launching the game!

Source: Press Release and Bethesda forums

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