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Radeon Software Crimson Edition Released by AMD

Category: Software
Posted: 06:58AM

Earlier this month, it was reported that AMD was actively working on Radeon Software, a brand new video card driver suite that was meant to replace the aged Catalyst Control Center. It was reported just a few days later that the Crimson Edition of the new AMD software would be released on November 24, and true to its word, the Radeon Technologies Group has officially made Radeon Software Crimson Edition available for public download. The software provides AMD users with a completely new user experience, stability across all of AMD’s graphics solutions, up to 20 percent more game performance, up to 33 percent faster game load times, up to 1.8 times more energy efficiency capability than its predecessor, and 12 new or enhanced features.

Interested users can download Radeon Software Crimson Edition from the official AMD download landing page.

Source: TechPowerUp

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gebraset on November 24, 2015 14:46

Has anyone downloaded this and tried it out? I uninstalled all AMD drivers/software prior to installing the latest version of Radeon Software, and while it looks like it is installed (I went through the installation twice to be sure), I cannot find any area to open the software itself. Searching "AMD" or "Radeon" on the system does nothing, and an AMD program isn't actively running within the task bar it seems.

Braegnok on November 24, 2015 23:56

Just installed 15.30.1025 beta on my folding rig, vary sweet UI and nicely done.


With Windows 10 under All apps, AMD Settings.


[attachment=20718:ScreenHunter_31 Dec. 02 20.55.jpg]  [attachment=20719:ScreenHunter_32 Dec. 02 20.57.jpg]  [attachment=20720:ScreenHunter_33 Dec. 02 20.59.jpg]

gebraset on November 25, 2015 04:08
Looking good! I definitely don't seem to have the UI installed. It says it supports AMD Radeon HD 8500+ Series Graphics from the mobile line, and I have a 8650G, so who knows. Might just have to go back to the old beta/stable release.
DanTheGamer11 on November 25, 2015 18:30

I used the official amd removal tool for drivers and stuff, ran it 3 times, first time is failed near the end, second time it went okay and third time for luck. It installed fine and have the red blobs in the notification area and "AMD Radeon Settings" shows up in the search. Seems like your installation dun goofed


Seems good so far with a good layout. I don't like how the home page thing has the tabs at the top and every other page has it on the bottom.

gebraset on November 28, 2015 13:31
So I finally got this software to work. It took two runs with the official AMD uninstall utility, and a fresh download of the drivers. Apparently the one that I had downloaded previously included all drivers, but did not include the UI for the drivers, known as "Radeon Settings." Overall, process was a pain, but this is the last driver release for my laptop's hardware, so I'm thankful to get it up and running finally. :P
Gremlin on November 30, 2015 18:55

Heard that the crimson drivers were turning fans off after 20% and once they started playing a game like bf4, the card would be fired due to heat.. 

Guest_Jim_* on November 30, 2015 22:46

Heard that the crimson drivers were turning fans off after 20% and once they started playing a game like bf4, the card would be fired due to heat.. 

What I've read said it was only happening to some cards and that a hotfix should be out today to fix it.

ccokeman on December 01, 2015 00:14

Hopefully they get the hot fix( Literally) out today! 

DanTheGamer11 on December 01, 2015 02:00

Well the latest beta 15.11.1 is out and mentions fan settings related to Overdrive so I guess that's it fixed. Also has something about fixing the compass flickering in Fallout 4 which is what I had so that's good. It's also quite a bit bigger than the crimson release

Braegnok on December 01, 2015 12:55

Both my AMD rigs running Crimson drivers are working fine, I think it's user error or not understanding settings causing issues for some users.


Basically if "FAN SPEED" is set to ON that means it'll be locked at the default 20% unless you move the slider. You need to set fan speed with slider and then click apply.   :slap:


And for auto mode make sure it states OFF, and then click apply if you want your fan speeds to be automatic, the slider will be greyed out when set in auto.


[attachment=20712:ScreenHunter_24 Dec. 01 05.27.jpg]  [attachment=20716:ScreenHunter_27 Dec. 01 07.17.jpg]  [attachment=20717:ScreenHunter_28 Dec. 01 07.24.jpg]

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