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Former Kaspersky Lab Employees Claim Company Targeted Rivals with Fake Malware

Category: Bugs / Virus
Posted: 04:23AM

Moscow-based Kaspersky Lab, which is one of the largest security companies in the world, continues to develop some of the best security suites available for consumers and businesses. Despite their excellent reputation, former employees of the company have just recently went public with details that surround unethical practices. The former employees claim that for more than a decade, with activity peaking between 2009 and 2013, Kaspersky Lab went on a mission to damage the reputation of its rivals by developing fake malware. The fake malware would trigger security suites developed by companies such as Avast, AVG, Microsoft, and others into classifying the harmless files as viruses. The former employees noted that some doctored files were even sent to VirusTotal, a website that provides free virus, malware, and URL online scanning through the use of 40 antivirus solutions.

Eugene Kaspersky, the co-founder of Kaspersky Lab and the individual that former employees say ordered some of the attacks due to his anger over companies emulating his software, has publically denied the allegations and stated that "Such actions are unethical, dishonest and their legality is at least questionable." Despite this, Reuters was previously told by executives at Avast, AVG, and Microsoft that someone had attempted to introduce false positives in recent years, though the each company had no comment on Kaspersky Lab possibly targeting them.

Source: Reuters

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get_saif on August 19, 2015 07:56

Well profits are just profits :)


Man i remember when i was with HP. This guy was hired from Dell as a director for this small unit. (Hired by an ex-dell)

This lead to overflow.


Now this new director brings in multiple guys from Dell for his team, HP has amazing talent inside. It was just so demotivating to see the how these guys were hired from outside, rather than use the existing talent. People are in same position for decades.


It was just bad news for the whole unit. back in 2014

Black64 on August 19, 2015 17:29

That's why I don't use use any active Anti-Virus software, because it's more annoying to have than a real PC virus.



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