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CRYORIG Introduces the A Series Hybrid Liquid Coolers and Pi IoT PSUs

Category: CPU Cooling
Posted: 08:57AM

CRYORIG has some new products it is introducing at Computex, with both liquid CPU coolers and a power supply series getting the royal treatment. The liquid CPU coolers belong to the A Series and are hybrid liquid cooling designs, where a 70mm Airflow Circulator fan is attached to the CPU block to help reduce temperatures in the surrounding components by up to 10 °C. The fan can be removed and attached however you like, so you can have it pointed at the VRMs, the video card(s), or the RAM. It's a PWM model that spins at up to 3,000RPM, but can dynamically adjust based on need, and should be virtually inaudible over any other system fan. CRYORIG's A Series Hybrid Liquid Coolers come in three different models, with the A40 and A40 Ultimate featuring a 240mm radiator with 120mm fans, and the A80 featuring a 280mm radiator with 140mm fans. Both the A40 and A80 feature 25mm thick fans, while the A40 Ultimate bumps it up to 38mm thick fans.

The company's Pi power supply series is one that may seem like any other power supply, until you get to one important feature that sets it apart. CRYORIG designed the Pi PSUs with Internet of Things (IoT) support to help minimize the hassle of configuring a Wake on LAN/Wake on WAN remote desktop function. Thanks to the Zero Hassle Hardware Wake feature, the Pi PSU can be paired with a smartphone over WiFi to perform the remote desktop capabilities you want. You can turn on your system after a power outage, turn it off to prevent damage during a storm, make sure you turned off your PC before heading on a trip, or any other function you can think of. Fan speed control, energy usage, power management, and more can all happen in the future with Pi and IoT, so it'll be very interesting to see where CRYORIG takes it. As for the PSUs themselves, they come in 660, 860, and 1000 watt models, range between 80 PLUS Gold to 80 PLUS Platinum, and are cooled by a 120mm PWM fan.

The CRYORIG A Series Hybrid Liquid Coolers will be available this summer, although prices are not yet known. The Pi power supplies are a proof of concept model to show what the Internet of Things is capable of, and are slated to arrive next summer.

Source: Press Release

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