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Leaked AMD Fiji XT Benchmarks Appear, Shows Strong Performance

Category: Video Cards
Posted: 12:08PM

Another day, another round of rumors concerning AMD's upcoming Fiji XT card. This time we have some leaked benchmark numbers, courtesy of ChipHell, comparing a ton of video cards, including some unreleased and unknown ones. In the charts, the "GM200 cut 6GB" is apparently the GTX 980 Ti, while the "GTX 9** 3GB" is something different, potentially a GTX 960 Ti. The Fiji XT 4GB is the one to look at, and in an average performance of 19 different games at 4K, it comes out on top of every single card, even the TITAN X. Now, what games were tested? Who knows, because that isn't covered. The only mention of anything is "Maximum Settings." Dropping the resolution down to 2560x1600 again sees the Fiji XT in the lead, but again, no idea what games are grouped together at those "Maximum Settings." The 3DMark FireStrike Extreme shows the Fiji XT just narrowly edging out the TITAN X at 2560x1600, so it appears AMD has a winner here.

However, the power consumption was also tested, and frankly the Fiji XT is not going to win any awards for that. It manages to consume less power than the R9 290X, but only just, as it's a mere three watts less. Granted that is with an expected 4096 GCN cores instead of 2816, but still, it's a power hog.

Remember, all of this is just based on leaked numbers aggregated from unknown games. Is this really what we can expect from the Fiji XT? Possibly, but don't get your hopes up. We still need AMD to actually confirm the existence of these cards and the entire R9 300 series, which could happen quite soon, either during Computex or shortly after. Likewise we need NVIDIA to confirm the GTX 980 Ti, which could also happen in just about a week.

Source: Techarx

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