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Apple Unveils Its First Wearable, Apple Watch, Coming Early 2015 for $350

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Posted: 01:02PM

The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus weren't the only pieces of hardware Apple decided to unveil today; the company also unveiled its oft rumored first wearable device. Opting to call the device Apple Watch instead of iWatch, it features a sapphire display with four sensors on the back and is reportedly accurate up to 50ms. Interestingly, it's not touch-only, containing both a power button and what Apple calls a "Digital Crown" – a hardware dial on the side that can be used to navigate menus, zoom into images, and more. It also features inductive (wireless) charging.

The Apple Watch comes in three finishes (aluminum, stainless steel, and 18-carat gold) and two sizes, in addition to featuring a variety of straps to choose from. However, the straps are proprietary and not standard, so don't expect to use one from your existing watch. As expected, the device has a built-in heart-rate monitor and fitness tracker, removing the need for users to carry around additional devices like a Fitbit. That being said, there is a major and unfortunate caveat – it requires an iPhone 5.

The Apple Watch ships with two dedicated apps, Activity and Workout. The Activity app is pretty interesting and acts like your very own personal trainer of sorts. The app measures the quantity of your sitting, standing, and movement on a daily basis and creates a regimen for you to follow. It features three "rings" on the display, each representing a specific task you must complete that day. When you complete a task, its ring disappears. One ring may require you to move at a pace above a brisk walk for more than 30 minutes, while another may require you to stand for one minute out of every hour during a twelve-hour period. If the Activity app notices you vegging out on the couch for too long, it may give you a gentle nudge to get off your lazy bum and do something.

Meanwhile, the Workout app is more like what you'd expect from a fitness tracker, and is obviously for when you truly want to exercise. You can set goals based on target of calories burned, time spent exercising, or distance covered. The app will keep you updated on your progress and monitor your heart-rate and movement activity. Both apps save their data to the Health app on your connected iPhone, where everything is aggregated. Thankfully, Apple allows third-party apps to access that data if you already have one you like to use. In addition, Apple has create a third-party tool called WatchKit, which will help developers integrate compatible apps with the Watch's Glances screen. For example, if you own an electric BMW, you would be able to check the charging status of your car right from your Apple Watch.

The Apple Watch is going to sell for $350 and is expected to arrive Early 2015.

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