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Zombie Studios' Daylight Haunting PCs and PS4s on April 8

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Posted: 04:35PM

Developer Zombie Studios calls Daylight a "procedurally generated psychological thriller." It's a first-person survival horror game, where the only tool (and light source) at your disposal is a cell phone. Although one of the screenshots below does show the player holding some creepy doll because – well, what's creepier than a creepy doll? Nothing. Nothing is creepier than a creepy doll. But I digress...

Publisher Atlus USA has announced that Daylight will be arriving on PC and PlayStation 4 on April 8 for $14.99 USD, and it sounds like there may be some pre-order incentives unveiled soon. Along with the release date and pricing announcement, Atlus revealed two new areas in the game to go along with the starting hospital: The Prison and The Forest. You can read details on each area in the source below, but as I mentioned earlier, each area is procedurally generated, so no two playthroughs will be the same. Both versions of the game are also fully 3D compatible and the PC version even supports the Oculus Rift, if you really want to feel fear.

Check out the screenshots below for images of the new areas, but if you want to see what the gameplay is like, here's the "Don't Look Back" trailer that was published last month:

Source: All Games Beta

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