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Razer Introduces Project Christine - A Modular PC Concept Design

Category: Prebuilts
Posted: 12:29PM

Razer likes to kick off things with a bang at CES, as past years have brought us Project Fiona (the Edge tablet) and the Switchblade Concept (still waiting on that, but elements are in the Blade laptop). So, what does 2014 bring? How about Project Christine? Razer is dubbing it the "world's most modular gaming system," and it's pretty easy to see why that is the case. Starting with the case, it sort of resembles the Thermaltake Level 10 if nothing except for the modular compartments. Project Christine takes it to a whole new stage though, as it's a fully modular design allowing for CPUs, graphics cards, memory, and storage to be added or swapped out with ease.

Project Christine makes use of PCI Express to automatically sync components together, so there shouldn't be any hassle when you want a new video card or processor at the helm. Storage can be added whenever you want, and Razer is even claiming you can run multiple operating systems at once (no specifics on just what that entails, however). Modules can be added in whatever order you want, with active liquid cooling and noise cancellation keeping everything cool and quiet. It also allows for Razer to factory overclock the components without compromising any warranties or thermal limits. Project Christine is quad-SLI capable, can have an SSD + RAID 5 HDD array, and features a touchscreen LED display for easy viewing of maintenance information and controlling aspects of the computer.

Right now, Project Christine is just a concept, albeit a very unique and interesting one. Razer co-founder and CEO Min-Liang Tan is very excited about it, as he calls it "the first gaming system that is able to keep pace with technology and could allow consumers to never buy another PC, or gaming system, again. We have a history of bringing incredibly innovative concept systems to market and it’s fair to say that Project Christine is a very exciting new prospect for future development."

So, does that mean we'll be seeing Project Christine make the leap to reality before long? Quite possibly, and if it does it could usher in a whole new range of gaming computers. Systems. Whatever you'd like to call it.

Source: Press Release

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