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LED Lights Could be Used to Transfer Data

Category: Networking
Posted: 09:58AM

Researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute have developed a way to transfer data using rapidly blinking LED lights. The data allows information to be transmitted at speeds of up to 1GBPS, with the possibility of speeds of up to 3GBPS through use of three different colors. The technology could soon be integrated into conference rooms, trade booths and hospitals, but has many more possible applications. Additionally, the technology can easily be built into conventional lighting with relatively little modification.

The technology is not without flaws, however. Use of LEDs for extended periods of time on battery-powered devices can significantly reduce battery life, and bright light can also disrupt the transfer of data. As well as this, the technology has a very limited range. In ideal conditions, data transfer rate can drop to 100MBPS at 20m, and is affected by any objects in between the transmitter and receiver. 

Source: CNET

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