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Steam Greenlight Spotlight: Evoland

Category: Gaming
Posted: 02:54PM

Evoland is an action adventure RPG that tells the story of...action adventure games. The game starts out looking like a mere monochrome adventure game, but as you play through the game, you'll unlock new technologies, gameplay systems, and graphics, eventually turning the game into a full 3D RPG. Along the way, you'll also engage in a variety of different battle systems and encounter a number of references to many classic games. As you unlock new options, the whole world is changed, so you can go revisit previous areas and see the startling difference.

The concept for the game is based on Evoland Classic, the Ludum Dare #24 winner, which was created by Nicolas Cannasse in roughly 30 hours. Beating around 1400 other games is no small feat, but Evoland Classic was a rather short game and only stayed in the realm of 2D. Evoland promises to "enhance and continue the story in Evoland Classic, taking you further along the history of action adventure gaming, adding collectible items, new monsters and bosses, and more importantly new play styles and full 3D environments!"

You can watch the video below and then go play Evoland Classic (right in your browser) to realize why I'm eager to see this game completed and sold on Steam. For all you fathers out there that wish your kids knew what gaming was like when you were a kid, Evoland provides a great learning experience. For others, it may just be a pleasant trip down memory lane.

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