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Razer's Project Fiona is Officially Dubbed the Edge - Starts at $999

Category: Gadgets
Posted: 03:23PM

Last CES, Razer introduced the world to Project Fiona, a PC gaming tablet with attached controllers. Over the year Project Fiona became a reality and Razer took to asking its fans what they wanted to see in it. An initial line of specifications was hammered out, with an estimated price between $1,299 and $1,499. Now, right about one year later, Razer has shown off its PC gaming tablet again but this time as the Edge. The Razer Edge comes in a standard and Pro flavor, with the Edge starting at $999 and the Edge Pro at $1,299. Each one has a 10.1" touchscreen with a 1366x768 resolution, an Intel Core processor, NVIDIA graphics, and Windows 8.

The Edge features a Core i5 dual-core at 1.7GHz with a 2.6GHz Turbo clock and Hyper Threading support, 4GB DDR3-1600, a 64GB SSD, and a 1GB NVIDIA GeForce GT 640M LE. The Edge Pro ups the processor to a Core i7 dual-core at 1.9GHz and a 3.0GHz Turbo with Hyper Threading, 8GB DDR3-1600, a 128 or 256GB SSD, and a 2GB NVIDIA GT 640M LE. Both have 802.11b/g/n WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0, stereo speakers, HD webcam (two megapixels front-facing), array microphones, Dolby Home Theater v4, one USB 3.0 port, and audio in/out.

What sets the Razer Edge apart from other tablets is the Gamepad Controller. The Edge docks into the Gamepad and gives users total control over their games with dual analog sticks and backlit directional pad and face buttons. There are two bumpers and a trigger on the back of each controller as well, plus there's an optional extended battery for prolonged mobile gaming. Razer has designed it to be compatible with the "hottest Games for Windows PC titles," so it looks like gaming on the go just received a huge boost.

If you're more of a tradtional mouse and keyboard gamer, Razer has you covered there with the Keyboard Dock. It has a fairly truncated shape with no trackpad, so you'll either need to connect a mouse or just use the Edge's touchscreen. An acoustic chamber on the Keyboard Dock directs the Edge's speakers through it to enhance the audio experience, plus there's an option for an extended battery with it.

Razer also has the big screen gaming crowd covered with a Docking Station able to connect to a computer monitor or TV. It adds three USB 3.0 ports, HDMI out, and audio in/out to the Edge, so you can use your own mouse and keyboard with it at your desk. Connect it to a TV through HDMI though, and you can play games through Steam's Big Picture and some regular controllers. The Docking Station also charges your Razer Edge so you won't have to worry about running down the battery.

The Razer Edge and Edge Pro are available to pre-order through Razer's store, but there isn't an announced release date just yet. The Keyboard Dock, Docking Station, Gamepad Controller are all sold separately, for $199.99, $99.99, and $249.99, respectively.

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