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According to Lenovo, Industry 'Underestimated' Touchscreen Demand

Category: General News
Posted: 01:40AM

The arrival of Windows 8 brought a new change to the familiar world of computers, with Microsoft joining the likes of Google and Apple in the touchscreen spread. Previous attempts by Microsoft to incorporate touch weren't always the smoothest, but Windows 8 changes all of that, even with a fairly slow uptake. Computer manufacturers now have to consider including touchscreens in laptops and even desktops to make use of all the new features of W8, however it seems some supply problems weren't entirely foreseen. Gerry Smith, newly named president of Lenovo's North America region, recently said the industry "underestimated" the demand for touchscreen PCs with the advent of Windows 8. Now, Lenovo is one of the world's largest computer manufacturers, so when an executive says the touchscreen demand was unexpected, it carries some weight.

Smith went on to say that with every "major architectural transition," there is a prediction on where things will go. The touchscreen prediction was far off, so there'll be some evaluation on just how that came to be and what can be done in the future. Good news is the touchscreen supply is back on the upswing, with Smith stating the January to July timeframe should have increased availability. A positive to take away from all of this is missing the estimation for touchscreens is good sign, as it means devices with them were selling well enough to cause a shortage. It shows a huge potential for touchscreens in Smith's eyes, and hopefully the entire industry.

As for Lenovo, well, Smith estimates about half of all its PCs will come equipped with touchscreens in the next few years or so. That number could be echoed across the entire computer industry, but we'll just have to see how it pans out.

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