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Help Hide the Higgs Boson

Category: Science & Technology
Posted: 10:27AM

While the particle physicists in the world struggle to find the elusive Higgs boson, which is believed to imbue all particles with mass, everyone now has the chance to try to hide it from them. Agent Higgs is a flash and iOS game that uses realistic particle physics to hide the Higgs boson behind other particles, including electrons, neutrinos, and their antimatter equivalents.

The game itself uses a sliding-block mechanic found in many other games, but uses certain aspects of the Standard Model of particle physics to add a twist. For example, electrons are stopped by multiple barriers, while neutrinos can pass through those without extra shielding. The neutrinos also zip across the screen faster than the electrons. Particle charges also play a role as electrons repel each other but electrons and positrons attract. When a particle and its opposite, such as an electron and positron, collide, just as in real life, they vanish in a release of energy, which destroys nearby blocks.

The flash version of Agent Higgs is somewhat simplified, compared to the iOS game, but is free to play at the developer's website, Test Tube Games. The iOS version costs just $0.99.


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