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Fusilli the Solution to Radio Frequency Congestion?

Category: Science & Technology
Posted: 01:53PM

Believe it or not but researchers may have found a way to decrease the congestion of radio-frequency bands by looking to pasta; fusilli specifically. Often in school, electromagnetic waves are depicted as two perpendicular sine waves travelling in a straight line, but they can be more complicated than that. Instead of the waves just going straight ahead, they can spiral, making a shape similar to fusilli pasta, and it is this shape the researchers have exploited.

As reported by the Institute of Physics, researchers were able to broadcast two distinct signals, using the same frequency, some 442 meters across Venice, Italy. By giving the signals the spiral shape, the transmissions did not interfere with each other, allowing them both to be detected as separate channels.

The researchers suggest it should be possible to economically populate a frequency band with as many as 11 channels, just by using this technique. Five of the channels would have a clockwise rotation, another five with a counterclockwise rotation, and one more without any rotation. Incorporating multiplexing technology, like that already used for digital TV, would enable 55 channels to a single frequency band.

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