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Reputation System in Mass Effect 3 Explained

Category: Gaming
Posted: 08:03PM

If you played the Mass Effect 3 demo and tried out the single player portion, you may have noticed something different in the squad menu. Aside from the expanded amount of increases for every skill compared to Mass Effect 2, you may have seen a Reputation meter next to Shepard. Past games had the Paragon/Renegade status, but the way it was implemented in ME2 did not sit well with some fans. BioWare went back to the drawing board, and has now explained what exactly the Reputation system is in Mass Effect 3. The Reputation system combines the Charm and Intimidate options into one score, which is based on adding your Paragon and Renegade scores together. Dialog options are measured using the entire bar rather than just Paragon or Renegade, which should make it so you do not have to be pure Paragon or Renegade to get a certain outcome. This should all help to give gamers more leeway in how they want to play, and we have just a few more days to go before getting to experience it in full.

Mass Effect 3 arrives on March 6th for the PC, PS3, and 360.

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