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New Record for Network Data Transfer

Category: Networking, Science & Technology
Posted: 10:05AM

Most motherboards you can buy today have a gigabit Ethernet port on it for transferring data on a network; and some even have two for even greater bandwidth. As nice as that combined 2 Gbps rate is, how about a combined rate of 186 Gbps? That’s fast enough to move 2 petabytes (2 million GB) in a single day, and may in fact become too slow for its intended users before very long.

A team led by the California Institute of Technology successfully established a 98 Gbps connection in one direction, and a simultaneous 88 Gbps connection in the opposite direction. This combined 186 Gbps between leaders in the research field is intended to share the truly awesome amounts of data they each collect. The current global grid for sharing such information has already moved over 100 PB, and that number is expected to increase a thousand fold as the LHC at CERN increases its experiments.

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