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New Graphene Discovery Could Lead to New Encoding Method

Category: Science & Technology
Posted: 01:18PM

In 2005 researchers discovered a combination of carbon and calcium is a superconductor at 11.5 K. Researchers at the London Center for Nanotechnology, a partnership of University College London and Imperial College London, have been continuing research into this combination.

When passing calcium atoms beneath a sheet of graphene, a single-atom thick sheet of carbon, the new electrons were reacting not as expected. The anticipation was for the electrons to spread out evenly, but instead they formed charge density waves. Under an electron microscope, the waves appeared as stripes on the graphene, and they could be used for storing data. For example, vertical stripes could represent a 0 while horizontal stripes represent a 1. Regardless of how they may be used, researchers have been investigating possibilities with stripes and are very pleased to find them in the two-dimensional plane of graphene.

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