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Rage Uprising Trailer Released During QuakeCon 2011

Category: Gaming
Posted: 01:25PM

QuakeCon 2011 is kicking things off today, and that means we can expect plenty of information on id Software's upcoming title, Rage. In Rage, there is a massive asteroid on a collision course for Earth. You are one of the people set up in an Ark, a survival shelter, in the hopes of rebuilding society after the asteroid wipes it out. Something goes wrong after the asteroid hits though, and you wake up in the Ark surrounded by the remains of the people you were in stasis with. You set out from it and that is where your journey begins in the post-apocalyptic wasteland. Rage is a first-person shooter but it has some RPG elements to it. There are dune buggies you can drive and equp with weapons, bandits and mutants to kill, and a mystery involving a government group called the Authority that you have to unravel. At QuakeCon today, a new trailer for Rage hit the airwaves and boy, if you weren't looking forward to it before, you definitely will now. The trailer gives you just enough information to set up the game and all I can say is, I am going to have a hard time finishing up the school year knowing Rage is sitting on my computer.

Rage launches on October 4th for the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360.

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DanTheGamer11 on August 5, 2011 04:50AM
0:56 Is Sledge from Borderlands...

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