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Razer Unveils 'Sphex' Gaming Grade Desktop Skin

Category: Gaming, Mouse Pad
Posted: 10:03PM

Gaming peripherals maker, Razer has launched its latest product: the Razer Sphex gaming grade desktop skin. Razer claims that the Sphex is the thinnest mouse surface ever and that it will offer top notch performance at an affordable price. The Sphex also features an adhesive enabling it to be stuck to a surface, preventing disruptive movement. The Sphex will retail for US$15 and first orders will ship on July 1. Preorders are available over on the Razer Store. I think the Sphex looks like a Goliathus gone on a diet, but only reviews and time will tell how it stacks up to its bigger brother and its competitors.

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Andrewr05 on May 28, 2009 06:35AM
Every company yearns to come out with a cool product name... But... "SPHEX"??? ------ How did that get let out? Seriously just say "Razer Sphex" and not shake your head... I dare you...
jammin on May 28, 2009 07:28AM
Razer has always gone in for naming its products after bugs and animals and this is no different. 'Sphex' is a genus of Wasp. I agree that it's a slightly strange choice though.

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