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Asus Getting Serious About Soundcards

Category: Sound Cards, Manufacturers
Posted: 12:35PM

TG Daily -

TG Daily has been sniffing around at Asus' North American HQ a few days before the CeBit trade show opens its doors. It seems that Asus has been working hard on its sound card product line-up and has some very interesting things in the pipeline. Firstly there is news that Asus are planning to release cards that can input and ouput HDMI and even have a card with three HDMI ports! Important features like Dolby Digital Live and DTS Connect support will be there, as well as EAX 5.0. The product that will likely be of most interest to enthusiasts is the Xonar AV1, a card that can also feature a daugther board with extra connections. It features three HDMI ports (2 external, 1 internal) and gets a video processing chip which will be able to mix sound and video (presumably through that HDMI connection). All of this stuff is still in the works, so there is room for changes to be made, but it appears that the direction Asus is taking will be one that moves its sound cards into a competitive position with other high-end players in the market. With Creative still holding a majority market share, more options can only be a good thing. It will be interesting to see what Asus present during the upcoming CeBit show.

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