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Zersius’ Oathbound Paladin Oath of Protection Build



Zersius’ Oathbound Paladin (OP) has a great build and he’s kind enough to let me publish it! This is focused on Tanking, but it does enough damage to run content. He recommends Half-Orc or Human for the race.

The Burnadin

I have another OP friend in Neverwinter named [email protected]#8685. He authored the famous Burnadin build. Rather than re-invent the wheel, click here for the Burnadin Build!

Ability Scores and Gear

This build focuses on HP and Power. Constitution and Charisma are the primary focus for ability scores. As for gear, we recommend anything with power and HP, but the best items available are the Deepknight’s Brigandine and the Rex Corona. The Lifeforged Weapons are probably still Best in Slot, but the Wootz Weapons are a great starter set. As for artifacts, Zersius plans on changing the Aurora’s Catalog to a Lantern of Revelation.

Zersius uses the Lightening Enchantment for his weapon and Briartwine for his Armor. The Shadowclad is another good Armor Enchantment. All the Offensive and Defensive enchantments should be Radiant; they provide power or HP. For Utility slots, I recommend one Quartermaster, one Fey Blessing, two Dragon’s Hoard, and one Dark (movement). 


If you chose Human, put the extra three Feat Points in Steadfast.



At-Wills: Shielding Strike, Radiant Strike

Encounter Powers: Binding Oath, Templar’s Wrath, Bane, Vow of Enmity

Dailies: Divine Protector, Lay on Hands

Class Features: Aura of Courage, Aura of Wisdom 

Note: If there’s another OP in the party, you’ll want to make sure you’re running different auras. Some alternative choices are Protection and Truth.

Damage Dealing

At-Wills: Shielding Strike, Radiant Strike (these don’t change)

Encounter Powers: Templar’s Wrath, Smite, Divine Touch, Relentless Avenger (don’t use this in a group)

Dailies: Divine Judgement, Lay on Hands

Class Features: Courage and Wisdom


The Iron Golem can be switched out for anything that provides HP. This is a great line-up for a tank: Rust Monster, Energon, Dancing Blade, Iron Golem, and Stalwart Lion.

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