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Bootable USB drive guide


Guide by: Steve Goossens
Date: October 7th, 2006
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Many of us today have computers without a floppy drive and some tasks such as updating the motherboard bios or trying a set of custom graphics card bioses become laborious. Maybe you have a computer that doesn't have an optical drive for one reason or another. How about if you could put ALL your bios files for your motherboards and graphics cards, as well as utilties like Memtest86 and SATA2 firmware tools, all on one single USB drive? Sound good? Great! On with the guide then...








What you will need

Here is a list of the minimum requirements for this guide:

  • A motherboard that supports booting from USB devices
  • A USB drive
  • HP USB Bootdisk utility - Download
  • Boot files - Download

First take your USB drive and make sure that if it has anything important on it, that you copy it over to your computer. Better still, copy the whole lot into a new folder on your computer called \usbdrive_files\ or something because you're going to be wiping the usb drive clean (so if you copy the files over now, you can just copy them all back after formatting).

Download the HP utility and install it. Download the boot files and extract them to a new folder.

  1. Bootable USB drive guide
  2. Making it bootable
  3. Making it boot
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