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Guide: How-To Round & Sleeve Flat IDE Cables

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Are you sick of those expensive round cables? Sure they may look pretty, but they also carry a hefty price tag, and are they really worth it? Well, cheap yet innovative people like me for example say no, it really isn't worth the price. Why would you go for a pre-mod if you can do it yourself? This guide will take you step by step through the process of creating your very own sleeved round cables. Estimate time, 15 minutes +/-.


What you need

  • Sleeving
  • Heat Shrink
  • Knife or razor
  • Flat cable
  • Scissors
  • Heat gun or Hair Dryer
  • Tape

Let�s Get To SLICING!
This step is the easiest part, most fun, and the most potential to do damage. Before you continue, make sure you get yourself a comfortable seat, a glass of water, or beer- whatever you will need to get through this grueling process. Got it? Good! Let's get started! Grab your knife/razor of your choice, lay down the flat cable on a slab of wood or a magazine (anything you can scratch up), carefully make a small incision (DO NOT CUT DOWN THE ENTIRE CABLE! MAKE ONE QUICK SLASH/GASH) along the ridges, then from that slit pull the wire carefully apart. The cable will easily separate along the ridges. I do not recommend doing this for each individual strand, because it increases the risk of cutting through a wire; therefore, cut it in intervals of two. When that's all done it should look something like this:

  Bundle up the wires and tape the middle to keep it together for the next step!

Now, grab the appropriate length of sleeving in whatever color you prefer. (NOTE: measure the length of the ribbon cable and subtract 6cm off. That is the length of sleeving you will need to cut.) Bend the connector sideways so it is lengthwise with the cable. By doing so you will be able to get the sleeving over the connector!

Now, bend the connector lengthwise again and slip the heat shrink over it, the heat shrink should be cut so it covers the fraying sleeving and cover about 1 cm of the cable.

Position the heat shrink where you need it, and grab a hair dryer or heat gun, if you have one. Heat the heat shrink until it fits tightly around the cable. If it's shrunk correctly, you should find it difficult to move the heat shrink.

Now stand back and look at your beautiful creation of (computer) art! Now the next step, obviously, is to install it.

 Doesn't it look so nice? Now are you happy for not buying those expensive round cables? Well you should be, you just saved yourself some money.

This is a mod you can take pride in, its original; everyone else just goes out and buys those round cables, but you, you just created your own! Round cables do not only look great but they also help with airflow whereas flat cables obstruct airflow within your computer.

For a snazzier look, use UV reactive sleeving and heat shrink so your computer will have its own rave party with those other UV parts, cathodes and LED fans.

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